In the Resources section, users can access a variety of training and educational materials related to cybersecurity, network engineering, and systems engineering. These resources are designed to provide valuable knowledge and skills to individuals and organizations. Here are some of the available resources:

  1. Cybersecurity Systems Engineering Training by Tonex Training:
    • This interactive course offers a comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity systems engineering, including class discussions and exercises1.
  2. SANS Institute:
    • The SANS Institute provides a wide range of cybersecurity training, certifications, and resources, including over 60 courses across all practice areas, as well as degree programs and specialized certifications2.
  3. ICS Training Available Through CISA:
    • The CISA offers web-based training on understanding, protecting, and securing Industrial Control Systems (ICS) from cyber-attacks. The training covers common cyber vulnerabilities and the importance of defense-in-depth strategies3.
  4. Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Cybersecurity Resource Reference Guide:
    • This guide provides an overview of useful references to support security cooperation, including information on building defensible networks and protecting networks from incidents4.
  5. SANS Cyber Aces Online:
    • SANS Cyber Aces Online offers free training resources to learn the fundamentals of cybersecurity, including computer hardware, networking protocols, and more5.

These resources cover a wide range of topics, from fundamental cybersecurity concepts to specialized training in systems engineering and industrial control systems security. They are valuable for individuals and organizations looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in the field of cybersecurity and engineering.